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NEW Intense Aquarium Expert Product Range

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We are excited to stock the new Intense Aquarium Expert product range. The Intense range includes the Intense NEO Solar High Power LED Lights, Intense CO2 Solenoid Regulator, Intense Bazooka Diffuser (coming soon) and much more.


The 'Intense' NEO Solar Hi-Power LED for Planted Tank aquarium light stands out from the rest with its simplicity of design and advanced optics. This all-in-one aquarium LED features an innovative, fully adjustable mounting arm to install on frameless aquariums with ease. It's ready to install, no need to purchase additional installation hardware. The mounting arm has four lockable, adjustable links that can be positioned to fit your needs. The Intense LED provides an outstanding shimmering effect in the aquarium water. Its 6500K white light mimics natural sunlight, promoting lush vibrant aquascapes for freshwater tanks.

What we love about these awesome LEDs:

  • World's Most Powerful LED System for Planted Aquarium
  • World's Most Reliable LED Chip - By Sharp Japan
  • World's Most Highest Color Rendering Index - CRI 90
  • World's Most Suitable Color Temperature For Aquarium Plants - 6500K
  • World's Most Power Efficiency System >90%
  • Word's First 100% Waterproof LED System

The NEO Solar is available now in 25W, 30W and 40W models and can be purchased here

They suit nano and large aquariums alike and can be grouped in a row to cater for longer aquariums.

CAL AQUA LABS Stylish Glassware Range

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Planted Display Tank

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Keeping Discus- the Basics

There was very little known or written about discus until after the middle part of the 20th century, and it wasn’t until around the 1960s that hobbyists in various parts of the world began breeding wild-caught discus. After that time, a good deal of information began to emerge about keeping and breeding these marvelous fish. [...]

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Scorpionfish 16/08/2015

Rhinopias aphanes is a Scorpionfish from the Western Pacific. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to a length of 25 centimetres (9.8 in) TL.[1] Information on this species is based on three specimens of Rhinopias aphanes that were collected from Australian waters and compared to a previously recorded Holotype.[2] The [...]

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New Malaysian Oranda Goldfish 08/08/2015

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Premium Solid Red Discus- Released 16th July 2014

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New Tropical Fish Stock April 2104

Hi folks! We've been busy unpacking our latest Tropical Fish shipment.A highlight of this shipment are several varieties of the gorgeous Bristlenose.Several different strains of the popular Bristlenose have been developed. The Longfin Bristlenose is a selectively bred form with attractively patterned, long flowing fins. A very good algae-eating catfish, hardy and undemanding, they adapt [...]

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