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Planted Display Tank

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Discus Planted/Display Tank

This second option can be either discus only, or a “community” type tank with some other species of fish. For the hobbyist, there is arguably nothing more attractive than a well aquascaped discus display tank. It’s a sight to behold and could suit you well, particularly if you have previous experience keeping tropical fish in a planted tank environment.
The ratio of fish to size of tank will be reduced in this set-up, given the quantity of water taken up by substrate, plants and other décor. In this case you’ll want to either increase the size of your tank, or reduce the number of fish you’ll be keeping. For example, if you were planning to keep eight adults in a 75 gallon bare- bottom tank, you should reduce that number to six in the same-sized planted tank.
Secondly, for your discus’ sake your water temperature will need to be maintained at no less than 82 F – nothing lower will do – and that can pose a challenge for keeping plants, as many varieties do not do well at that temperature and above. Planted discus tanks entail more work and attention to keeping both elements healthy and thriving. Your focus will obviously have to be on the discus.
So, if you have no prior experience with a planted aquarium, you would be well-advised to go for a bare-bottom set-up, at least until you gain experience with discus. However, if you do have experience with planted tanks, you needn’t be fearful of giving it a go if you accept the challenge of the extra attention and diligence needed. It’s certain you will find it most satisfying and enjoyable. 




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