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New Tropical Fish Stock April 2104

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Hi folks! We've been busy unpacking our latest Tropical Fish shipment.

A highlight of this shipment are several varieties of the gorgeous Bristlenose.

Several different strains of the popular Bristlenose have been developed. The Longfin Bristlenose is a selectively bred form with attractively patterned, long flowing fins. A very good algae-eating catfish, hardy and undemanding, they adapt to most aquarium conditions.  They grow to about 10-12cm.

Do not keep with fin-nippers such as Tiger Barbs and Rosy Barbs. 

Our new shipment of the beautiful Albino Longfin Bristlenose is definitely a piece of eye-candy as well as a loyal, hardworking cleaner.They are available now instore for $17.95 ea. (size 3.5-4.5 cm).

The rest of our new stock of Tropical Fish that we unpacked at Sydney Discus World Aquariums include:

1.Golden Sucking Catfish  $ 4.95 - 6 cm:

2. Longnose Whiptail Catfish $12.95 - 8 cm:

3.Clown Loach $12.95 - 8 cm:

4.Neon Tetra $2.00 - 2.5cm:

5. Rummy Nose Tetra $2.50 - 2.5 cm:

6.Cardinal Tetra $3.00 3.0cm:

7.Borneo Sucker $15.00 10cm:

8. Super Delta Betta -  $ 20.00:

9.Blood Red Rose Barb $ 5.00 - 6 cm:

10. Assorted Platy fish - $2.00:

11.Balloon Ram - $16.95 6 cm:

12. ELECTRIC Blue Ram - $10.00  - 5 cm:

13. Sri lankan Guppy Assorted - $2.50 cm:




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