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Kusuri Wormer Plus 5g


 Product Description


KUSURI WORMER PLUS 5g - Treats up to 2273 Litres

Kusuri Wormer Plus is a Flubendazole-based medication, effective for use against Gill Flukes, Body Flukes, Parasites, Intestinal Helminths (including Tapeworm, Nematodes- "Roundworms", Planaria- "Flatworms", Capillaria, Camallanus Nematodes, Metacercaria, Sanguinicola) and Intestinal Protozoa. It is also an effectve in eradicating pest snails from your tank.

We highly recommend to treat Discus and other aquarium fish once a month with the Dewormer, Wormer Plus as a precautionary measure, for trouble-free fish keeping.

We treat all of our fish in our store with this amazing product to ensure that our stock is in optimum health and condition. 

In their natural habitat, fish live in systems where the water is constantly recycled and replenished. In an aquarium, unwanted toxins and parasites can accumulate, despite the presence of adequate filtration. 

Because of this enclosed environment, fish may start to show signs of ill-health if they fish become stressed or bullied, resulting in their natural immunity being compromised.  Low immunity levels often mean that worms, parasites or infections can take hold. A clear indication of a worm issue is if the fish tends to hide in a corner, is wafer thin, Dull/dark in colour, and refusing to eat. Even if they do eat, they appear to lose weight. They will also appear to have "pinched in" eyes.

If fish are suffering from a severe Nematode ("Roundworms") infection, these reddish-brown worms may be seen protruding from the anus. Nematodes can be found in the digestive system, swim bladder and body cavity.

Kusuri Wormer Plus will eradicate Discus and Aquarium Fish of a range of worms and parasites and will kill any worms/parasites which reside in your tank, before they get a chance to attack.

We worm our dogs and cats on a regular basis. Your Discus and other prized aquarium fish should not be any different. De-worm and prevent nasty parasites from taking hold with Kusuri Wormer Plus,  the world's number one Fish and Discus Dewormer.

Flubendazole is the effective main active ingredient, & works differently to other Fluke treatments by gently starving the parasite; making this product perfectly safe for regular usage. Naturally sourced Calcium Carbonate is blended in & acts as a gentle booster and ‘pick me up’ after the pests are killed. A minuscule amount of Natural Calcium carbonate (0.01g) is blended with the Flubendazole to adjust a very slight drop in pH from adding the Flubendazole. This cleverly balances out this medication making very little (if any) difference to PH when using wormer plus.




  • Full instructions on the back of packet
  • Can be used with other aquarium medications
  • Will not interfere with your biological filter
  • Wormer Plus can be used at any temperature and will not harm plants.
  • 100% safe to use on all tropical fish including puffer fish and free-swimming fry from one week old.
  • A handy 30UK Gallon measuring scoop is supplied in every packet, simplifying dosing
  • Will not raise your pH
  • Works in unison with your UV sterilizer (just remove any activated carbon for full effect)
  • Marketed with the small animal exemption scheme, legal, and passed with risk phrases and safety phrases. 


  • Treat once a month
  • Using a food-grade container, add 0.3g (using the 30UK Gallon measuring scoop included), per 30 gallons (114 Litres) of Aquarium water. Affix a tight-fitting lid to container and shake well to mix to dissolve the medication. Add to aquarium gradually over a one minute period.  

This is designed as a one-off treatment, but may require a second dose after 4 days in heavy infestations, or if using to cure gill flukes.

CAUTION: This medication may kill snails. It is advised not to use this medication in tanks that contain rays, pet snails, insects, reptiles, Shrimps, or other invertebrates. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

PREVENTION: In order to avoid serious infestations of Nematodes, Planaria, Flukes etc, and we advise that you practice the following:

  • Perform proper tank maintenance and routine water changes
  • Avoid overfeeding the fish
  • Avoid adding live food, e.g. Live Bloodworm, plants and objects collected from natural sources, e.g. rivers
  • Avoid overcrowding the tank with fish
  • Remove all uneaten food from the tank, including under logs/driftwood to avoid bacterial blooms and water contamination
  • Purchase quality live fish and plants only from reputable sources, who practice strict quarantine and hygiene procedures


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